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Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015  Commend Outstanding Artists and Organisations

The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015 Presentation Ceremony, organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), was held yesterday (21 April) at the TVB City.

A total of 30 awards were presented to local artists, arts organisations, schools and institutions in recognition of their unstinting support and contribution to the arts development in Hong Kong. Among the various awards, the Life Achievement Award, the highest accolade, was bestowed on Prof Lo Wai-luen (Xiao Si), scholar of Hong Kong literature and Hong Kong culture, while the Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts went to renowned choreographer, Ms Helen Lai and renowned Cantonese Opera Artist, Mr Yuen Siu-fai.

The ceremony was officiated by The Hon C Y Leung, Chief Executive of the HKSAR; Dr Wong Ying-wai, Wilfred, Chairman of the HKADC and Vice-chairman Ms Yan Hau-yee, Lina.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Wong Ying-wai, Wilfred, Chairman of the HKADC, said many arts veteran have accumulated their knowledge and experience in the past few decades. They contribute their arts without reservation and pass the torch to the next generation. Devoted to the arts with hard works, the emerging artists demonstrate their innovation and creativity. The HKADC will continue to nurture arts talents through a variety of scholarship, internship and training programmes, providing opportunity to local arts practitioners to study and learn locally or abroad. The HKADC also endeavours to establish global network, bringing local artists and their works to the international arena and fostering exchanges and collaborations between Hong Kong and overseas counterparts.

Seven award categories of the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015 were presented, including the Life Achievement Award, the Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts, Artist of the Year, the Award for Young Artist, the Award for Arts Education, the Award for Arts Promotion and the Award for Arts Sponsorship.

The Life Achievement Award was conferred on arts master with continued and significant contribution to the arts scene in Hong Kong. Prof Lo Wai-luen (Xiao Si), recipient of the Life Achievement Award this year, has engaged in Chinese literature education for around 40 years and devoted herself in researching and archiving of materials in Hong Kong literature and culture. In 2002, Xiao Si donated her entire collection of literary materials, records, books and magazines to the University Library of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The “Hong Kong Literature Collection” and the “Hong Kong Literature Database” were set up successively for the study of Hong Kong literature and culture. She compiled and published numerous works on Hong Kong literature and culture.

Ms Helen Lai, recipient of this year’s Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts, have works often characterised by exquisite and profound humanism, strong sense of musicality and theatrical style with creative elements spanning a variety of art forms. She infuses dance theatre with poetic touch in quest for the aesthetics and her concern of issues, thoughts on society and life. Her works form a significant chapter in the development of Hong Kong’s contemporary dance.

Mr Yuen Siu-fai, another recipient of this year’s Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts, is renowned for his capability in acting different characters, including wenwu sheng (leading male), chousheng (male clown), xusheng (bearded male) and hualian (painted face). People honour him as the “Universal Master” in Cantonese opera. In addition to performances, he is a scriptwriter, artistic director and consultant. Mr Yuen is also committed to promoting and innovating Cantonese opera while passing on his skills to the younger generations.

Prominent guests were invited to present the awards, which included (list in no particular order):

  • The Hon Ma Fung-kwok, Legislative Councillor (Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication)
  • The Hon Ip Kin-yuen, Legislative Councillor (Education)
  • Prof Liu Yichang, renowned writer
  • Ms Chan Ho-kau, renowned Cantonese Opera actress
  • Mr Michael Lai, renowned composer
  • Ms Leung So-kam, renowned Cantonese Opera artist and film actress
  • Dr Liza Wang, Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong
  • Dr Lo Wai-luk, Chairman of HKADC’s Arts Criticism group
  • Ms Lo Koon-lan, veteran actress and Senior Lecturer (Acting) of the School of Drama, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  • Mr John Shum, renowned film director, producer and screenwriter
  • Prof Adrian Walter, Director of Hong KongAcademy for Performing Arts
  • Mr Kan Tai-keung, renowned designer and the Chairperson of Zuni Icosahedron
  • Mr Tsai Yim-pui, renowned writer and poet
  • Prof David J. Clarke, Department of Fine Arts, the University of Hong Kong

Artists of the Year went to Dr Lok Fung (Natalia Chan) (Arts Criticism), Mr Yu Yan-wah, Jacky (Dance), Mr Danny Yung (Drama), Mr Philip Yung (Film), Mr Chung Kwok-keung (Literary Arts), Prof Yu Qiwei (Music), Dr Ho Siu-kee (Visual Arts) and Mr Li Chi-kei, Danny (Xiqu).

The Award for Young Artist went to Mr Chan Wai-ki, Felix (Arts Criticism), Ms Tsui Yik-chit, Ivy (Dance), Mr Chu Pak-hong (Drama), Mr Chan Ho-lun, Fredie (Film), Dr Ho Lai-ming, Tammy (Literary Arts), Mr Wong Ping (Media Arts), Mr Yeung Yan-lok, Felix (Music), Dr Chui Pui-chee (Visual Arts) and Ms Tse Hue-ying, Dianna (Xiqu).

To enlighten the ceremony, an array of performances was staged:

  • Titus Andronicus 2.0 Excerpt produced by Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio, recipient of the Award for Arts Education (Non-School Division), performed by their Physical Theatre Institute (PTI) – One-Year Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme 1st Batch Graduates.
  • Gestalt Excerpt choreographed by Mr Yu Yan-wah, Jacky, recipient of the Artist of the Year (Dance), performed by Ms Tsui Yik-chit, Ivy, recipient of the Award for Young Artist (Dance) and dancer Mr Henry Shum.
  • Fusion band SIU2 and writer Lau Wai-shing paid tribute to Prof Lo Wai-luen (Xiao Si), recipient of the Life Achievement Award, with a special cross-media performance, interweaving music and literature.

The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015 TV episode will be broadcast at 10:30pm on 7 May (Saturday) via TVB Jade.

Please click here to download the awardee list of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2015.