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Established in 1998, the Year Grant Scheme aims to provide strategic support and to nurture local small and medium-sized arts groups towards artistic excellence.

The Year Grant supports the operation and production needs of distinguished professional arts organisations or representative groups in different art forms for a fixed period of 12 months in pursuit of artistic excellence. The recipients represent a full spectrum of arts disciplines including music, dance, drama, xiqu, film and media arts, visual arts, multi-disciplinary arts, arts criticism, arts education and arts administration.

The current grant periods of Year Grant are one year and three years. Grants are divided into “Operational Expenses Grant” and “Extra Activities Grant”.


An arts organisation applicant must be a non-profit company limited by guarantee without a share capital which is registered in Hong Kong. We will not consider an application for the “Year Grant” submitted in the name of an individual, a sole proprietorship or a partnership. We also do not accept any application for this scheme from any arts organisation which is the parent company or subsidiary of the arts organisations currently receiving “Year Grant” from us, or the parent company or subsidiary of any new applicant organisation that applies at the same time.

In order to avoid duplication of resources, we will not consider any application submitted by any arts organisation that is receiving funding from the “Springboard Grant” under the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Home Affairs Bureau and will be receiving funding from the “Springboard Grant” during the grant period of the “Year Grant”. An arts organisation which has obtained approval for the “Springboard Grant” during the grant period of the “Year Grant” must give up the “Year Grant” before entering into any grant agreement with the Hong Kong Government.

The “Year Grant” is not applicable to the art form of literary arts as the “Literary Arts Platform Scheme” is available instead. Generally speaking, applications for this scheme will be processed in the second half of the year. Please contact us for details.

Application Process

Submission of Application

  • Applicants must complete the relevant application form and submit on or before the deadline

Assessment of Application

  • To be assessed by a panel (including Examiners and / or Members of related Artform Groups)

Notification of Result

  • A written notification of application result will be sent to the applicant
  • The first installment is released after signing of agreement

Project Execution

  • ADC arranges Assessor(s) to assess project results

Midway of Year

  • Mid-Year Report of the project must be submitted within the 7th month of each grant year
  • The second installment is released

Project Completion

  • Year End Report must be submitted within one month after each grant year
  • The third installment is released
Submission of Audit Report
  • Audit Report must be submitted within six months after each grant year
  • The last installment is released within one month after HKADC has checked the Audit Report



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