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We offer the following scholarship and training programmes to provide internship, study and overseas exchange opportunities for local arts practitioners. These programmes aim to broaden their horizons and enhance their professional capabilities. 


Local Arts Administration/ Production Internship Scheme

The scheme nurtures potential arts practitioners and offers internship opportunities at local arts organisations to outstanding participants who aspire to start a career in arts production/administration. It aims to equip them with knowledge and solid experience of arts administration/production and arts organisation operation, and to encourage their long-term development in the sector.


Overseas Cultural Internship and Training Programmes

HKADC collaborates with different world acclaimed arts and cultural organisations to organise internship and training programmes for promising arts administrators and practitioners with leadership potential to further develop their professional skills and network, and to support the long-term development of arts and culture in Hong Kong.

Recent partners include:

  • Adelaide Festival Centre, Australia
  • Clore Leadership, UK
  • International Society for Performing Arts
  • Mori Art Museum, Japan
  • Tate London, UK


Arts Administration Scholarships

The scholarships aim to nature outstanding individuals and expand their knowledge and skills. They support promising local arts administrators, who possess relevant experience, to pursue arts administration related Master’s degrees / professional programmes or business administration related professional programmes in Hong Kong, the Mainland China and abroad.


Overseas Training Scheme for Arts Administrators

The scheme supports experienced local personnel in arts administration/management to conduct in-depth overseas study visits in various formats, including observations, interviews and analysis on a particular theme. The discussions and reflections gained in the overseas visits would further contribute to the professional and long-term development of arts practitioners and organisations, as well as the arts sector in Hong Kong.


Intensive Executive In-Service Training Programme

In collaboration with overseas training or arts and cultural institutions, local arts organisations are commissioned to deliver overseas arts administration related intensive in-service training programmes in Hong Kong. It aims to enhance the capability of local arts leaders, bring in more professional arts management best practices and international network from around the world.