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Nurturing & Fostering

To promote arts development and create an environment conducive for the diversity of the arts, a number of grants are established to support local arts practitioners and arts groups.


A variety of funding schemes are introduced to support local arts practitioners and arts groups to pursue their creative endeavours and implement their artistic projects to nurture artistic excellence.

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Committed to nurturing local arts talents and raising their level of excellence through training, competitions, observations, internships and overseas exchanges, in which they are encouraged to create and publish their works.

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Teaming up with various organisations to develop new arts venues for artistic creations and exhibitions, bringing new arts experiences to the general public.


Promotion & Participation

Presenting a variety of large-scale arts events to engage all sectors of the community, and bring arts into the daily lives of people to invigorate the society.

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Development & Exchange

Maintaining close relationships with the Mainland and international arts communities to support local arts practitioners and arts groups to take part in arts events outside Hong Kong in their pursuit of artistic excellence, and to promote worldwide access to Hong Kong arts community.

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Research & Planning

Conducting various types of surveys and studies, collating data and opinions about Hong Kong’s arts ecology, reflecting the reality of the arts community to the Government and providing valuable references for the arts sector.

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Exploration of Social Resources

Striving to explore social resources to provide a favourable environment conducive for the development of Hong Kong arts.

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