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Exchange with the Mainland

We actively explores opportunities for cooperation with Mainland arts organisations and arts festivals. Uniting our strengths, we stand to promote arts development together in the region.

Performance and Exhibition in Mainland Scheme


Since its launch in 2018, the scheme aims to support Hong Kong artists and arts groups to stage their works in various Mainland arts venues, festivals and museums through collaborations with different parties including the China Arts and Entertainment Group in its “Meet in Beijing” Arts Festival, China International Youth Arts Festival, touring at CPAA theatres in mainland cities, 1862 Theatre and Power Station of Arts in Shanghai.

Arts Forum for Cross-Straits, Hong Kong and Macao

Initiated by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles since 2009, the Arts Forum takes turn to be held annually in the Mainland, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong, where scholars and arts practitioners are invited to share and exchange ideas on latest arts development in their respective regions. We were the co-organiser in 2012 and 2016’s editions.