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Matching Fund Scheme (MFS) supports projects of different art forms, including literary arts, performing arts, visual arts, film and media arts, arts education, community arts, arts criticism, etc. To apply for MFS, applicant shall pledge no less than HK$30,000 of cash donations/ sponsorships from non-government organisations for the proposed arts project. HKADC will match donations/ sponsorships solicited by the successful applicant in a ratio of 1:1.5 at most and disburse the respective matching grants and donations/sponsorships to successful applicant. A maximum of HK$2.25million matching grants may be provided to one arts group which secured HK$1.5million cash donations/sponsorships in each financial year for carrying out the approved project(s). MFS will be open for two rounds of application in March and September every year.



MFS accepts applications from the following categories of arts groups:

(a) The arts groups currently receiving or which have received in the past three years grants under the HKADC’s Year Grant Scheme or the Literary Arts Platform Scheme; or

(b) The arts groups currently receiving grants under HKADC’s Project Grant, which are not included in (a) above. These Applicants should also be the charitable institutions and trusts of a public character which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112); or

(c) Other arts groups not included in (a) and (b) above but with proven track record of promoting arts and culture in Hong Kong, led and managed by professional arts practitioners of reputation and recognition, with status of charitable institutions and trusts of a public character, which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112).

How to Apply

Interested parties are advised to read carefully the Guide to Application, Form of Undertaking by Donor and FAQ before completing the Application Form which can be obtained from HKADC Administration Office (10/F, 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong) or downloaded below. Applications submitted in person must be deposited in the collection box at HKADC Administration Office on or before 30 September 2021 (Thursday) 6pm. Submission by post or by courier will only be accepted if postmarked or if the pickup date shown on the bill is no later than the closing date. Late applications, postal applications with insufficient postage, applications by fax, email or other digital form, or applications which do not fully meet and comply with the conditions of the Guide to Application will not be processed.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Yuen at 2820 1089.

Documents and Forms 

The following documents are valid for MFS (9/2021) applications submitted on or before 30 September 2021 (Thursday).


Guide to Application
Form of Undertaking by Donor
Application Process

Application Submission 

  • Applications must be submitted on or before the deadline 

  • Additional application by MFS grantee with two or more uncompleted pre-existing approved projects by the Closing Date shall be rejected

Application Assessment 

  •  Arts Advisors/ Examiners / Assessors and Advisory Committee will assess the application

Notification of Result 

  • The Applicants will be notified the results in writing within 4 months from the application deadline 

  • Signing of Funding Agreement (including Undertaking by donor) and provision of donations/sponsorships by way of a crossed cheque for matching in 3 months’ time upon receipt of Offer Letter 

  • Disbursement of respective donations/sponsorships, together with 80% of matching grants in approximately 20 working days upon receipt of (1) the signed Funding Agreement, (2) the signed Undertaking by donor(s) and (3) the pledged donations/sponsorships 

Project Execution 

  • The approved project should start within 6 months and complete in 1 year upon receipt of the Offer Letter 
  • HKADC will arrange Assessor(s) to assess the project 
  • Any modification, amendment or addition to the approved project requires prior written consent from HKADC. The application for the proposed changes must be made in writing within 45 days prior to the expiry of the original agreed period 
  • The performance period is extendable for once only 

Project Completion

  • The Grantee shall submit a final report and an audited account report within 6 months upon completion of approved project; failure to submit the reports within the assigned period will be listed in the HKADC Frozen List 
  • The remaining grant will be released upon the submission of reports and documents to the satisfaction of HKADC 


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