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Hong Kong Arts and Cultural Indicators Research Report

The Research project “Hong Kong Arts and Cultural Indicators” was designed to serve the following purposes:

  1. As criteria for observing the cultural vitality of Hong Kong as a metropolis,
  2. As measurement for the impact of culture and arts on overall social development,
  3. As integrated indicators for the government’s reference in overall policymaking on cultural development,
  4. Assess the effectiveness of government’s support on the arts and culture,
  5. Provide data and advice in improving arts policymaking and policy implementation,
  6. Prepare a data base for the creative industries in Hong Kong, and
  7. As a Hong Kong brand product, to be released regularly (annual or biannual) to arouse the public attention to and discussion on the arts and culture of Hong Kong.

The above research project was commissioned to International Intelligence on Culture (IIC) and was completed in November 2005.