Hong Kong Arts Development Council
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Arts Promotion

With a commitment to arts promotion, the HKADC has sought to bring enjoyment of the arts to different sectors of the community through diverse activities. We particularly organise different large-scale arts projects for the students, to promote interest and appreciation of the arts among the youngsters. At the same time, the HKADC has launched a variety of community-based arts promotions in recent years that are designed especially for different local communities, for bringing arts closer to the people, and also to converge cultural identities among local communities.

Hong Kong Arts Development Awards
Launched in 2003, the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards has developed into an annual flagship event in the local arts scene since 2007. It aims to give formal recognition to distinguished arts practitioners, groups and organisations that have made significant contributions to the development of the arts in Hong Kong.

There are seven categories of awards: Life Achievement Award, Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts, Artist of the Year, Award for Young Artist, Award for Arts Education, Award for Arts Promotion and Award for Arts Sponsorship. Besides paying tribute to arts masters, the Awards scheme also recognises veteran arts practitioners and up-and-coming artists in different areas.

Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme
The Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme is an innovative arts education and promotion scheme launched in 2008. By providing primary and secondary students with a flair and enthusiasm for the arts the opportunity to become arts ambassadors for their schools, the Scheme aims to take their artistic passion beyond campuses for the benefit of the larger community. At the same time, the Scheme demonstrates to the public the benefits of arts education.

The HKADC has invited local professional arts groups to organise diverse arts activities for the Arts Ambassadors, such as Creative Arts Workshops, Theatre Magic, the “Meet-the-Artists” Series, free performances by various local arts groups and educational events.

TV Programmes on Arts & Culture
By means of the extensive reach of television broadcast, the HKADC has been collaborating with Cable TV since 2011 to promote the arts by presenting a TV segment, ArTour, in the programme Close to Culture. The programme brings information about local young artists and culture to the general public.
Co-produced with the Television Division of Radio Television Hong Kong, Artspiration is a 30-minute weekly TV programme that takes a light-hearted and humourous approach in covering local and international arts and culture events from an everyday perspective to spark the interest of viewers in understanding and participation of arts and culture. The episodes promise to pamper and provide viewers with an artsful respite from Hong Kong’s high-pressure life.
Extensive Use of Online Platforms
With the rapid development of the Internet, the HKADC is proactive in expanding its reach online through the website, e-news, YouTube, as well as social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.
Nurturing Local Arts Audiences Scheme
The scheme aimed to enrich the contents of the communities’ arts activities and to enhance the knowledge of local audiences in order to engage all sectors of the communities in arts and culture activities, as a step towards reaching new audience bases and building community-based audiences for arts events.
Shanghai Street Artspace Exhibition Hall Project
The Project aims to promote community-based arts in Hong Kong by commissioning an arts group to manage the Shanghai Street Artspace (404 Shanghai Street), as well as to curate exhibitions and activities at the site. Well-received by the Yau Ma Tei residents, these exhibitions and activities provided a channel for direct public participation in arts creation.

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