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The 15th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards Commends Outstanding Artists and Organisations

The 15th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards Presentation Ceremony, organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), was held this afternoon (30 May) at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre. A total of 31 awards were presented to local artists, arts organisations, schools and institutions in recognition of their unstinting support and contribution to the arts development in Hong Kong.

The ceremony was officiated by the Hon Mr Cheung Kin-chung, Matthew, the Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR; Mr Tsui Ying-wai, Caspar, Secretary for Home Affairs; Dr Wong Ying-wai, Wilfred, Chairman of the HKADC and Vice Chairman Mr Yeung Wai-shing, Frankie. Among the various awards, the Life Achievement Award, the highest accolade, was bestowed on Professor Lo King-man, who is hailed as "Father of Hong Kong Opera", while the Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts went to "King of Comedy", Hong Kong film director Mr Michael Hui, celebrated writer Ms Nee Yeh-su (Yi Shu) and renowned theatre director, actor and drama educator Mr Tang Shu-wing.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Wong Ying-wai, Wilfred, Chairman of the HKADC, said that he was most pleased to witness the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards entering its 15th edition this year, which marked a truly memorable milestone for the Hong Kong arts sector. Although still being shrouded in the fog of pandemic, with the recent gradual recession of the pandemic, the awards presentation ceremony of this edition was to take place at a slightly-reduced scale. Receiving the recognition while being on stage again under the spotlight is particularly meaningful for all the awardees. Despite the enormous challenges brought by the pandemic to the sector, many if not all artists, arts organisations, institutions and schools have maintained their resilience and creativity, as well as stayed connected with the society through the arts, filling the arts scene with vitality. HKADC has also kept abreast of time and developed diverse and novel initiative for artists and arts organisations. For instance, the "Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme", which was launched last year, has supported artists and arts organisations to develop digital or virtual artistic contents byusing new technology so that they could connect with audiences online and broaden public participation and imagination in the arts, which has added vibrancy to the Hong Kong arts and cultural scene.

Seven award categories of the 15th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards were presented, including the Life Achievement Award, Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts, Artist of the Year, Award for Young Artist, Award for Arts Education in Schools, Award for Arts Promotion and Award for Arts Sponsorship.

In order to better highlight the recognition objectives and targets of the "Award for Arts Education" and the"Award for Arts Promotion", the "Award for Arts Education" is renamed as the "Award for Arts Education in Schools", and not more than five awards will be presented for each of these two award categories.

The Life Achievement Award was conferred on arts masters with continued and significant contribution to the arts scene in Hong Kong. Professor Lo King-man has dedicated himself to the arts sector for more than half a century, participating in countless stage performances in various roles including actor, playwright, producer, director and stage designer. Being a pioneer in the local arts and cultural scene, Lo has been the first Chinese to produce opera in Hong Kong. By taking on multiple roles in tertiary education and public services, Lo has been committed to nurturing young talents. With his selfless contributions to the arts development in Hong Kong, Lo's Life Achievement Award is widely anticipated with respect.

Mr Michael Hui, one of the recipients of the Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts, is renowned for his active involvements in filmmaking as a director, a screenwriter and actor. He has broken records in the box office time and again and garnered various awards for his highly popular films which encapsulate the features of local culture. Immensely rich in creativity and humour, Hui’s comedies have inspired numerous filmmakers and comedians. Hui has played a key role in pioneering the development of comedy films in Hong Kong.

Ms Nee Yeh-shu, a renowned writer in Hong Kong, has published countless books in her writing career of nearly half a century. Nee’s keen observation and insights are expressed in her works such as novels, short proses and profiles. Chinese readers around the globe are charmed by the vivid characters portrayed by Nee, as well as her concise, witty and enlightening writing. Some of Nee's classics have been adapted into films, which aroused resonance of the audience.

Mr Tang Shu-wing, a celebrated theatre director, actor and drama educator, is reputed to be the "Alchemist of Minimalist Theatre". Being committed to interdisciplinary and cross-cultural creation, Tang has exploited the full potential of physical theatre and opened up a new direction for the development of physical movement aesthetics in Hong Kong theatres. He has also nourished numerous emerging talents for the theatres. Tang's works are highly regarded by peers overseas, in the Mainland and Hong Kong.

Prominent arts practitioners were invited to be the award presenters, including (in order of their appearance on stage):

  • Professor Lau Chor-wah, Director, New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies
  • Professor Chan Chung-ying, Anna, Dean of the School of Dance, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  • Professor Ho Man-wui, Richard
  • Mr Fruit Chan, renowned Hong Kong film director
  • Ms Yan Wing-pui, Olivia, renowned Hong Kong theatre director, producer, actress and drama educator
  • Mr Kan Tai-keung, renowned international designer
  • Dr To Kei-fung, Johnnie, renowned international film director

Artist of the Year went to Dr Chu Siu-cheung (Arts Criticism), Ms Mui Chuek-yin (Dance), Mr Lam Pui-lim (Drama), Mr Yeung Yaw-kae, Ray (Film), Dr Lau Wai-shing, Stuart (Literary Arts), Dr Hung Keung (Media Arts) and Mr Se-To Yok (Loong Koon-tin) (Xiqu).

The Award for Young Artist went to Mr Lin Chi-ho, Jeffery (Arts Criticism), Ms Ma Sze-nga, Alice (Dance), Ms Chan Tsz-sum, Cecilia (Drama), Ms Wong Yee-lam (Film), Mr Yuen Man-leuk, Jacky (Literary Arts), Mr Wong Wing-fat, Morgan (Media Arts), Dr Yip Ho-kwen, Austin (Music), Ms Yim Sui-fong (Visual Arts) and Mr Chan Ting-pong (Xiqu).

During the ceremony, an array of versatile performances were staged, including:

  • A tribute performance to Professor Lo King-man, recipient of the Life Achievement Award;
  • Dance Performance by Ms Chu Mei-ching, Michelle;
  • Poetry Recital of Evening by students of Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School;
  • Boundless Music Performance of The General's Command (Jiang Jun Ling) by Mr Chan Ting-pong, recipient of Award for Young Artist (Xiqu), Mr Ho Cheuk-yin (CY Leo), Mr Fu Ye-chung and his team of Four Gig Heads Percussion Group and Ying Wa Primary School Drum Team “The Thunder-Makers”; and
  • Drama Performance of Last Romance by Ms Lily Lee and Ms Luvin Ho

The 15th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards Presentation Ceremony's TV episode will be broadcast at 9:20pm on 30 May, tonight on HKADC YouTube Channel, TVB J2 and Hi Eggo YouTube Channel simultaneously.

The 15th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards Presentation Ceremony's TV episode will also be broadcast on the following channels:

  •  5 June (Saturday) 1pm at RTHK TV 31
  •  6 June (Sunday) 1:30pm at Viu TV 99
  •  14 June (Monday) 1pm at HK Open TV 77