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Only FIVE MORE DAYS Before Candidate Nomination for 2019 HKADC Nomination Exercise Closes

Only five days left before the closing of Phase 3 – nomination of candidates - of the 2019 Nomination of Representatives of Arts Interests for the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) (the Nomination Exercise). HKADC encourages arts practitioners who wish to seek candidature to submit their applications on or before 5 pm this Friday (13 September).

Applicants seeking candidature should submit completed forms together with all required supporting documents in person or by their authorised person to the Nomination Agent (Note) before the deadline. Applications submitted by post, fax or email will not be accepted.

Each candidate must be a registered voter of the arts interest for which he/she intends to stand as a candidate, and nominated by at least 5 proposers or 1% of the number of the registered voters in the same arts interest (whichever is the higher). A proposer must be a registered voter of the same arts interest as the prospective candidate and can nominate only one candidate in this Nomination Exercise. The numbers of proposers required for each arts interest for the 2019 Nomination Exercise are as follows:

Arts Interest Number of proposers required
Arts Administration 5
Arts Criticism 5
Arts Education 8
Dance 6
Drama 9
Film Arts 5
Literary Arts 9
Music 12
Visual Arts 14
Xiqu (Chinese Opera) 5

The Nomination Agent will hold a meeting with the validly nominated candidates (or their representatives) tentatively scheduled for 18 September 2019 (Wednesday) on electioneering and polling arrangements. Dates of the candidate forum and polling for the Nomination Exercise are scheduled as follows:

Candidate forum: 5 October (Saturday) and 6 October 2019 (Sunday)

Polling: 20 October (Sunday) and 21 October 2019 (Monday)

Guidelines for nomination of candidates, candidate application form and other information about the Nomination Exercise are available at the Nomination Exercise website: Registered voters may call the Nomination Agent at 3956 1408 and make appointment for viewing the registered voter lists at the agent’s office.

(Note: Tri-Leaves Promotion Limited has been appointed by the HKADC as the Nomination Agent of the 2019 Nomination Exercise.)