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Hong Kong Arts Development Council Kicks off LitStream Programmes in 2016 Literature Breaks the Four Walls & Blooms The Power of Intertwine Litstream

(24 February 2016, Hong Kong)  Opening the first self-managed literary festival, LitStream in October 2015, Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) takes the festival’s theme “Reimagining the Texts: Words as an Endless Stream” forward to the next stage in 2016. LitStream is organized to enhance public awareness and interest in Hong Kong Literature through a series of literary activities. A variety of literary events streaming across different art forms are scheduled in March featuring local literary masters and artists.

Multimedia Literature Streaming Makes a Breakthrough in Time and Space LitStream Intertwine celebrates the vibrant energy of literature and its sparkles with daily life and other art forms in a programme to be held from 9 to 27 March at Comix Home Base in Wan Chai. With Hong Kong’s literature at its core, the programme blends the mixed presentation into a unique texture.

As one of the oldest art forms, literature evolves over time. Authors and artists often seek opportunities to integrate literature with different art forms, guiding readers and audience to imagine outside the text and paragraphs. Contemporary visual arts offer a new platform for literature presentation, on one hand unleashing the inherent characteristics of literature, and on the other creating visual and sensational impression of the text. Launching on 9 March, The (non) Existing Memory of Hong Kong in Literary Text is a multimedia exhibition that invites visual artists Ho Sin-tung, Lau Hok-shing, Hanison, Ip Hiu-man, Human and  Wong Chi-fai to create visual arts work based on Hong Kong literary texts. This is complemented by an in-depth discussion on how artists and authors recollect their memories of Hong Kong, unveiling the new face of local literature and bringing a brand new reading experience for readers.

At the same time, the close connection between literature and life is best presented by the hidden literary beauty rendered through interpretative techniques and aesthetics in Cantonese opera, storytelling, theatre, dance, etc. Readers will not only enjoy five rewarding seminars in literature and other art collaborations brought by LitStream Intertwine from 25 to 27 March, but also a workshop of the making of physical books by artist Tiana Wong. Besides, the two interactive storytelling sessions led by Uncle Yan (Arvin Cheng), Uncle Hung (Yuen Che-hung) of Tales We Tell will bring back some of the city’s lost stories to our community,

Cinema is a long-standing platform for transforming literature, in terms of movies adapted from literary works and screenwriter-authors inspired by both art forms. LitStream exclusively organises a must-join programme for literature or movie lovers in LitStream Intertwine Screening: Script and Literature, revealing the relationship between literature and cinema, with screenwriter-author including Chan Koon-chung, Chan Wai and Wong King-fai exploring the intricate relationship between cinema and literature.

Apart from programmes organised by HKADC, a series of literary events will also be presented from February to March, such as the Hong Kong Literary Criticism Society’s HK Literature is So Unique Talk Series which aims to identify the distinctive characteristics of Hong Kong literature through local fairy tales, fictions and popular literature; Let’s Go On an Adventure!, the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble’s collaboration of music and story creation by children; as well as large-scale literary activities such as Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival and pre-festival activities of the 11th Hong Kong Literature Festival organised by the Hong Kong Public Libraries. With endless literature streams continuously flowing to local community, literature and life will overlap, allowing the public to experience such a close relationship at anytime and anywhere.

Please refer to the website of LitStream ( for its 2016 programmme details.

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The (non) Existing Memory in Hong Kong Literary Text Exhibition Media Tour
9 March 2016 at 4 p.m.