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Hong Kong Arts Development Council Hosts the Inaugural LitStream A Colorful Showcase of Hong Kong Literary Arts Scene

(18 September, Hong Kong)  Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), the literary festival, “LitStream” will be held from October 2015 to March 2016. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the HKADC, the festival, themed as “Reimagining the Texts: Words as an Endless Stream”, will feature various prominent literary writers, connecting literary enthusiasts, public visitors and artists from different aspects to showcase the vibrancy and diversity of literature and offer a refreshing literary experience to participants.

Local arts groups unveils literary appeals through the launch of LitStream The opening ceremony of LitStream will be held at 3pm on 11 October at Open Area, Oi!, North Point. Ms Florence Hui, Under Secretary for Home Affairs will be invited to be the Officiating Guest of the opening ceremony. The event will feature a medley of literature, music, dance and poetry reading. Musician Steve Hui a.k.a Nerve will present a blend of Cantonese folk tunes with electronic music. Choreographer Ong Yong Lock will dance to his interpretation of poetry. Musician HakGwai will play out intricate melody in tune with the story-telling by poets. Participants will be indulged in a series of highly inspirational and creative performances. In addition, an array of other literary activities presented by artists Yuen Chun-tai and Connie Lo and arts group, Hong Kong Urban Laboratory, will offer a unique literary journey.

Participating Poets include: Arthur Leung, Chan Chi-him, Chan Chi-tak, Chan Tak-kam, Fan Sin-piu, Jason Chow, Kitty Hung, Kwan Muk-nam, Lau Wai-shing, Leung She-kwan, Leung Wai-lok, Liu Wai-tong, Lo Wai-luk, Lok Fung, Lui Wai-kai, Mak Shu-kin, Man Yu-tin, Ng Mei-kwan, Nicholas Wong, Tammy Ho, Tang Siu-wa, Wong Leung-wo, Yin Jiang, Yip Fai.

Another highlight is the Literature Ready at Hand Book Cart. To showcase Hong Kong Literature and promote local literature publishing, a wooden book cart is specially designed for the event. Copies of selected literary books supported by HKADC and books provided by local publishers will be put in the wooden book cart for display at various sites of LitStream events from the opening ceremony onwards. Participants are welcome to bring at least one book of Hong Kong Literature to join this activity, sharing it and exchanging for another book with other book lovers.

Polygon of Hong Kong Literature Talk series explores the future development of literary arts A series of literary seminars, namely “New Writers, New Trends – Foresight from Hong Kong Literary Magazines”, “The Hipsters Have a Say – Overview of Local Literary Arts Groups”, “Interactions between Hong Kong Literature and World Literature – Cultural Politics in Translation” and “The Present and Future of Hong Kong Literature Seminar” will be held during the festival. The seminars will feature various veteran professionals and scholars of the literary arts to offer diverse perspectives on Hong Kong Literature for the public.

Apart from programmes organised by HKADC, a series of literary arts events will also be presented including “Project of Literature in Community by Hong Kong Literature Research Centre”, “Stories in Hong Kong Literature Talk Series seminars by Hong Kong Literary Criticism Society”, “Hong Kong International Literary Festival”, “International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong” and “Jin Yong and Me – International Hwa Wen Prose Contribution Solicitation” etc.

Supporting Organisations: Oi!, Leisure and Cultural Services Department Education Bureau

More vibrant literary arts activities will be launched in 2016. For latest information, please refer to the website of LitStream (

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