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Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016  Commend Outstanding Artists and Organisations

The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 Presentation Ceremony, organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), was held yesterday (26 May) at the TVB City.

A total of 32 awards were presented to local artists, arts organisations, schools and institutions in recognition of their unstinting support and contribution to the arts development in Hong Kong. Among the various awards, the Life Achievement Award, the highest accolade, was bestowed on renowned ink master Prof Wucius Wong, while the Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts went to celebrated Cantonese opera artist Mr Yau Sing-po, theatre veteran Prof Mao Chun-fai, Fredric and renowned lyricist Mr Cheng Kok-kong.

The ceremony was officiated by Mr Chan Mo-po, Paul, Acting Chief Executive; Ms Hui Hiu-fai, Acting Secretary for Home Affairs; Dr Wong Ying-wai, Wilfred, Chairman of the HKADC and Vice Chairman Mr Lee Wai-man, Maurice.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Wong Ying-wai, Wilfred, Chairman of the HKADC, said the awardees not only inherit the beauty of arts but also strive to create and innovate in their artistic pursuit, bringing together a vibrant and versatile art scene in Hong Kong. HKADC has committed to providing all-rounded support for the arts sector. In recent years, HKADC has attempted new initiative in various aspects such as presenting the outstanding works of Hong Kong artists to the international arena and assisting them in establishing overseas connections. HKADC also nurtures arts talents through a variety of scholarship, internship and training programmes. In 2016, the Council launched a Matching Fund Scheme facilitate artists and groups to tap into social resources.

Seven award categories of the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 were presented, including the Life Achievement Award, the Award for Outstanding Contribution in Arts, Artist of the Year, the Award for Young Artist, the Award for Arts Education, the Award for Arts Promotion and the Award for Arts Sponsorship.

The Life Achievement Award was conferred on arts master with continued and significant contribution to the arts scene in Hong Kong. Prof Wucius Wong, recipient of the Life Achievement Award this year, reformed traditional ink painting by applying Western aesthetic concepts and painting methods. The achievement of modernised ink painting has made Wong a pioneer of Chinese ink painting. Wong himself holds multiple roles; he is a poet, design theorist, ink painter and oil painter. His strokes present thoroughly the exchange between the tradition and the modern; his paintings also embody dialogues between sense and sensibility. The New Ink Movement he initiated modernised ink painting and nurtured many advocates of experimental ink painting in Hong Kong. Wong is one of the most influential figures in the development of Chinese ink painting in the 20th century. In the past decades, Wong has held solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions for more than 80 times around the world. His works are collected in museums and arts galleries in China and around the world.

As a prolific performer, Mr Yau Sing-po excelled in a wide range of roles with vivid portrayal, including chou (clown), lousheng (senior male), loudan (senior female) and hualian (painted face). Such versatility on stage attracted roles other than male and female leads in Cantonese opera. Yau introduced new titles and widened spectrum of role-types to reform Cantonese opera. His determination to expand the spectrum of role-types to strengthen and advance Cantonese opera has made tremendous contribution to the art form.

In the 1970s, Prof Mao Chun-fai, Fredric embarked on an acting and directing career in the theatrical field in the US. He returned to Hong Kong at the inception of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 1985, and joined its School of Drama as Head of Acting to nurture local stage talents. During his tenure as Artistic Director of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre from 2001 to 2008, Mao was committed to directing world renowned plays and staging original works of diverse genre. An avid champion of the traditional Chinese opera in Hong Kong, he was the founding Chair of the newly established School of Chinese Opera at HKAPA from 2014 to 2016. Mao often successfully fused traditional opera and modern drama together in his productions.

Mr Cheng Kok-kong has written more than 2,000 songs of diverse topics. His inspiring and touching lyrics for children’s songs, TV drama theme songs and pop songs brought important collective memory to generations of Hongkongers. Cheng always uses simple but powerful language to depict societal changes over time and one’s sentiments in life. His encouraging lyrics brought warmth and hope to people of different generations and have become renowned classics today. In recent years, Cheng devotes himself to writing scripts for Children’s Cantonese opera. He has established the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Art Square to promote arts education for children’s Cantonese opera.

Prominent figures are invited to be the award presenters. It includes (list in no particular order):

  • Mr George Lam, renowned singer
  • Ms Sylvia Chang, renowned actress
  • Mr Wai Kar-fai, renowned film director, screenwriter and producer
  • Dr Liza Wang, Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong
  • Prof Lo King-man, Director-General of Musica Viva
  • Prof Chow Chun-kay, Stephen, Council Chairman of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  • Dr Chan Man-hung, Honorary President of Hong Kong Publishing Federation and Former Vice Chairman and President of Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Ltd
  • Mr Tom Brown, Chairperson Emeriti of Hong Kong Dance Alliance
  • Ms Wu Yin-ching, Honorary Creative Writer of Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University
  •  Ms Olivia Yan, renowned theatre artist and Artistic Director of Dionysus Contemporary Theatre and O Theatre Workshop
  • Dr Ng Chi-wa, Louis, Deputy Director of Leisure & Cultural Services (Culture)
  • The Hon Ip Kin-yuen, Legislative Councillor (Education)

Artists of the Year went to Prof Chan Kwok-kou, Leonard (Arts Criticism), Mr Ma Choi-wo, Victor (Dance), Mr Edward Lam (Drama), Mr Yau Nai-hoi (Film), Dr Wong Leung-wo (Literary Arts), Dr Chung Wai-ching, Byran (Media Arts), Ms Nancy Loo (Music), Mr Ching Chin-wai, Luke (Visual Arts) and Mr Lee Lung (Xiqu).

The Award for Young Artist went to Mr Cheung Wai-sum, Eddie (Arts Criticism), Mr Poon Wai-shun, Wayson (Dance), Ms Wong Ching-yan, Birdy (Drama), Mr Chan Tze-woon (Film), Mr Wong Yu-bon, Nicholas (Literary Arts), Mr Cheng Tak-yan, Enoch (Media Arts), Mr Ma Wai-him (Music) and Mr Lau Hok-shing, Hanison (Visual Arts). For the complete list, please refer to the enclosure.

During the ceremony, an array of versatile performances were staged:

  • Suona and Jazz Performance Sunrise by Ma Wai-him, recipient of the Award for Young Artist (Music) and The Majestic G
  • A cappella performance by HoA members who received training under the HKFYG Jockey Club a cappella Education Programme Students Leadership Training Scheme
  • City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong paid tribute to Prof Wucius Wong, recipient of the Life Achievement Award, with a special cross-media performance, interweaving music and ink art.

The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 TV episode will be broadcast at 11:00pm on 10 June (Saturday) via TVB Jade and 8:30pm on 14 June (Wednesday) via TVB J5.

Please click here to view the awardee list of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016.