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End of the Year, Start of Another Phase of Vigor  HKADC LitStream Keeps the Momentum Going in 2016

Presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), LitStream has launched successfully in October 2015 with the theme ‘Reimagining the Texts, Words as an Endless Stream’. Events were held from October to December 2015, showcasing the various parties of local literary arts scene and their events. Following the close of 2015, LitStream is ready to launch the activities scheduled from January to March 2016, bringing new experience of Hong Kong Literature to the public.

Year Ends with a Long-awaited Gathering of Hong Kong Literature Parties LitStream has kicked off on 11th Oct 2015 at Oi! in North Point. After the launch came a string of activities on local literary arts, including a series of 3 seminars. The first seminar on 24th Oct titled, ‘New Writers, New Trends – Foresight from Hong Kong Literary Magazines’, gathered, for the first time, 11 editors of local literature magazines for an in-depth discussion on Hong Kong literature. At the next seminar, ‘The Hipsters Have a Say – Overview of Local Literary Arts Groups’ on 28th Nov, 6 representatives of Hong Kong literary arts groups shared their inspiring stories on founding their groups and their invaluable experience on the promotion of literature. And on the 5th Dec, ‘Interactions between Hong Kong Literature and World Literature – Cultural Politics in Translation’ invited several scholars of translations and editors to share their thoughts on the Hong Kong translation of foreign literature and the current situation of translation of Hong Kong literature. These seminars were all a success, reflecting public interest in the local literary arts field.

Apart from the seminars, several groups funded by HKADC held multiple events from Oct to Dec 2015, including Hong Kong Picture Book Award by Children’s Literature and Culture Association of Hong Kong and the musical, The Writing Adventure of Bui Bui by POP Theatre. Many events involved a combination of different art forms such as music, literature, theatre and painting, bringing a full-body literary arts experience to the public. Other local groups also organized large scale literary arts events, such as International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Literary Festival, Hong Kong Baptist University International Writer’s Workshop, etc, creating some good vibes in the community.

Another highlight, Literature Ready-at-hand Book Cart, has already been running through various neighborhoods. Participants were very eager to bring their own recommended book of Hong Kong literature to exchange for others in the cart. The next event will be held on 9th Jan 2016 in the Multimedia Theatre at HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity. People interested in good reads should join and bring some of their own books to share and exchange.

Literary Imagination continues Following the close of 2015, LitStream is ready to launch literary arts events scheduled from January to March 2016. The first event on 9th Jan will be a seminar at the Multimedia Theatre of HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, titled ‘The Present and Future of Hong Kong Literature Seminar-How are Writers in Hong Kong nurtured?’ Several experts in the local literary arts field, including Mr Yuen Siu-cheong (Founder of Culture Plus), Mr. Kwan Muk-nam (Editor-in-chief of Hong Kong Pupil Magazine), Dr Christophe Tong (Lecturer, Hong Kong Baptist University Language Centre) and others will have an in-depth discussion from 12 different perspectives to explore the local literary arts ecology, analyzing the book industry, publishing platforms and the local literary trends, hoping to map out the publishing typography for future Hong Kong writers.

LitStream Intertwine, the finale highlight, will be held throughout March 2016 with a series of cross art form programme with incredibly packed content. Details will be announced later. 

Supporting LitStream Intertwine will be a series of literary arts events in town, for example, Let’s Go on an Adventure, performed by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, sharing session of Hong Kong Children’s Arts Society’, meetings of Peel Street Poetry and Poetry Outloud Hong Kong. These events will help further unleash the energy of literature,  to keep the steady stream of literary arts flowing.

Supporting Organizations Oi!, Leisure and Cultural Services Department Education Bureau

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