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Is it a must to have a nominator? What qualifications are needed to be a nominator?
Individuals / artist collectives / groups / organisations must be nominated by at least one nominator in order to compete for an award. There is no special qualification requirement for the nominator.
Can I have more than one nominator?
There is no upper limit on the number of nominators, who may submit nominations on his / her own personal capacity or on behalf of an organisation.
How are the assessment panels formed?
The assessment panels comprise of professionals in the arts sector, including representatives from various art forms. They will be responsible for assessing nominations received for the following five awards: ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Award for Young Artist’, ‘Award for Arts Education in Schools’, ‘Award for Arts Promotion and Education’ and ‘Award for Arts Sponsorship’. The recommended awardee list will be submitted to the chief adjudication panel for deliberation and final decisions.
Do nominees have to be Hong Kong residents?
Individual, each member of the Artist Collective nominee should be a holder of Hong Kong Identity Card while group / organisation nominees should be registered in Hong Kong. If necessary, nominees will be required to provide a copy of their HKID or Certificate of Registration as proof.
How to define ‘Artist Collective’?
‘Artist collective’ refers to constant and long-term collaboration of arts creation units, whose works are released in the form of collaboration and under the name of the artist collective during the assessment period (and in the past).
Does each member in the Artist Collective need to be 40 years of age or below? Is it fine if only one member is 40 years of age or below?
Each member in the Artist Collective should be 40 years of age or below on the date nomination closes. Each member needs to provide HKID copy for verification when submitting the nomination.
When using the 'Hong Kong Arts Development Awards Online Nomination System' (System), who should create an user account?
Registration of user account is applicable to NOMINEES only, nominators are not required. Upon the completion of registration, an automatic email link will be sent to the nominators based on email address provided by the nominees, inviting nominators to fill in and submit the nominator's section of the form through the System. For more information, please refer to the user guide.
How can I seek help if I have problems using the 'Hong Kong Arts Development Awards Online System' (System)?
Should there be any questions regarding the System, please refer to the user guide, or contact HKADC via email at [email protected] or by phone at 2820 1008.
How should I provide the supplementary documents in digital format when I am filling in the nomination form using the System?
a) supplementary documents should be named clearly with the relevant arts project/activity for easy reference.

b) upload the files to some free cloud storage space.

c) obtain, copy and paste the relevant URL(s) into the designated blank(s). Please make sure that the access right of the URL has been shared with "Anyone with the link".
How does HKADC ensure each nomination will be assessed in a fair way?
To ensure the assessment is conducted in an open and fair manner, the various assessment panels will be formed only after all the nominations have been received and confirmed. This will help avoid any conflict of interest concerning nominees and assessment panel members. The assessment process will be conducted in strict confidentiality.
Will the names of nominees be disclosed?
Names of all nominees will not be disclosed and the assessment process will be conducted in strict confidentiality.
Nominees are required to submit a project report for the ‘Award for Arts Education in Schools’ / ’Award for Arts Promotion and Education’. What does it mean by a project? Can I compete for the award by more than one project?
The project may consist of a single programme or a series of programmes implemented in phases. Please select one project only to compete for an award if you have implemented several projects during the assessment period.
Will the awardees receive any cash award?
Each recipient of ‘Artist of the Year’ will receive a cash award of HK$50,000 while recipients of ‘Award for Young Artist’ will receive a cash award of HK$25,000 for supporting his / her creative work, arts projects or further studies. All awardees will receive a trophy.
When will the results be announced?
Awardees and their nominators will be notified of the results by post in April to May 2022. Unsuccessful nominees will also receive notification in April to May 2022.