To achieve sustainable artistic development, we must begin educating students at a young age. Through arts education, students can make use of creative thinking to communicate with their peers and the community; not only can their overall artistic standards be enhanced, but the society can also benefit. Organised by the ADC, the 3rd Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme (AAiSS) is now in full swing. Here’s what some of last year’s awarded arts ambassadors would like to share about the relationship between arts and community; plus some insights about how arts can empower individuals and foster social inclusion, based on the experiences of teachers and an artist.
The progress being made on the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) project and last year’s announcement by Chief Executive Donald Tsang about developing the cultural and creative industries mean that demand for artistic talent has grown significantly. Along with several tertiary institutions and arts bodies, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) offers a number of internship schemes for those interested in pursuing an artistic career. By providing training or funding, such schemes are preparing Hong Kong’s up-and-coming arts practitioners for the challenges of the future. This issue’s feature will introduce various ADC’s internship schemes.
In 2008 the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) initiated its Hong Kong Annual Arts Survey to examine the local arts and culture milieu and its development. This is an overview of the several arts genres covered by the report in 2007/08 with a look at their development that year.
Following a review in the last issue of local theatre companies, this issue continues to track the development of government-funded performing groups between 1999/00 and 2006/07, based on the data we have gathered on the dance and music sectors.
Quantitative data to explore the development of the arts and related policies, there is an indispensable importance. Hong Kong Arts Development Council recently carried out a company to develop data on the investigation and come to several important observations, for the company for future development and policy formulation to write footnotes. This issue contains topics of the survey, as well as the initial observation and analysis.
A synergistic partnership between performing arts groups and venue providers is built on mutual communication, trust and understanding, a quest long and ardently pursued by the performing arts sector. In this issue, we will explore A New Mode of Operation of Performing Arts Venues.
Featured in this issue: The first phase of the West Kowloon Cultural District project, slated to be completed in stages by 2014, has created an unprecedented demand for talent in the arts amidst a volatile labour market. Concerns have been raised about the availability of talent and their capability to rise to the challenges cited as decisive factors that could make or break this mammoth project. We turn the spotlight on arts administrators - often the unsung heroes - and explain why equal attention and efforts should be devoted to identifying and nurturing talents on-and off-the-scenes for the WKCD project.
With this issue, we celebrate the unveiling of Artnews, a reincarnated version of ADC Newsletter. Artnews has been conceived as a dynamic and informative forum to discuss issues pertinent to the interests of the local arts and cultural community. Revamped with a new look, the launch issue of Artnews has for its cover story "Cultural Exchanges in the Mainland". It details the current state of cross-border cultural exchanges and a profile of thoughts expressed by local arts groups, illustrated by statistical figures. This should serve as the basis and catalyst for working collaboratively in overcoming challenges and advancing towards a sustainable growth path.