Artnews Issue 8

To achieve sustainable artistic development, we must begin educating students at a young age. Through arts education, students can make use of creative thinking to communicate with their peers and the community; not only can their overall artistic standards be enhanced, but the society can also benefit. Organised by the ADC, the 3rd Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme (AAiSS) is now in full swing.  Here’s what some of last year’s awarded arts ambassadors would like to share about the relationship between arts and community; plus some insights about how arts can empower individuals and foster social inclusion, based on the experiences of teachers and an artist.

 Artnews Issue 7


Table of Contents

    A New Force in Arts Education
    All About Arts Development
    An interview with Chow Yung-ping, new Chief Executive of the HKADC
    • Hong Kong Dance Festival 2010
    • Fresh Wave 2010: Emergence of Young Film Talents
    • Venice Biennale 12th International Architecture Exhibition



Artnews Issue 8