New Arts TV Programme -- Artspiration

Jointly presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) and Television Division of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), a new TV series on arts and culture – “Artspiration” will be broadcast on 24 April. The Kick-off Ceremony was held today at the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre to announce details of the TV programme and to preview programme highlights with invited guests and artists.

The Ceremony was officiated by Wong Ying-wai, Wilfred, Chairman of the ADC; Roy Tang, Director of Broadcasting; Avia Lai, Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs; Kay Tse, singer and Chiu Tsang Hei, composer. To unveil the programme, they released a bundle of balloons tied with the programme name. Kearen Pang, renowned drama actress, and artist Zac Kao emceed the ceremony with opening tap dance performance by local dance artist Wong Tan-ki.

After the unveiling session, guests were invited to perform and share their experiences on arts. These included singing performance by Kay Tse with Ricky Cheung, the 4th Arts Ambassador-in-School of ADC, playing piano accompanied and cross-over digital music performance by Chiu Tsang Hei and new media artist Samson Young.

Speaking at the Ceremony, Wong Ying-wai, Wilfred said, “With the funding support of the Home Affairs Bureau, we are able to join hands with RTHK to produce a new TV series on arts and culture. We hope the public can learn and appreciate arts from a new and lifestyle perspective through Artspiration. The ADC will continue to promote and make arts popular via different platforms including TV, internet, newspapers and magazines to attract the mass to participate in and support arts.”

To arouse public interest on arts, Artspiration will introduce local and international arts and culture in a lifestyle magazine format. The 32-episode TV programme, each lasting for 30 minutes, will feature on various arts-related topics such as chatting with local artists and highlights on interesting arts events. The programme will also explore special arts and cultural topics as well as arts-related knowledge.

There are several programme segments in Artspiration, including:
- Highlights on arts and culture activities: Including drama, music, visual arts, literary arts, xiqu, pop music and architecture;
- Artist profile: One local artist will be featured on each episode and audience can experience a wonderful journey with the artist. Renowned choreographer Xian Liang will be the highlighted artist on the first episode;

- Feature: Eight features will be covered throughout the 32-episode to explore arts and culture in a fun and playful way. The first feature “Make a Change” is produced by local artist Pak Sheung-chuen and Ching Chin-wai. Through artistic creation, they would link up people, society and environment together and stimulate audience’s thinking;
- Tips on arts: Multi-media artist Chu Pak-him will bring up arts knowledge with a sense of humor to attract audience’s interests.

Artspiration will be broadcast on ATV Home Channel at 7pm every Tuesday starting from 24 April. The programme will also be live broadcast and archived on RTHK website( Audience can also access programme information via or enjoy part of the programme via For programme details, please visit *
 * Special webpage of the TV programme will be launched in early May.
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