1. What are the eligibility criteria for grants of the HKADC?? 

In general, grant applications can be submitted by individual artists or arts organisations. Individual artists who are ordinarily resident in Hong Kong must have reached the age of 18 at the time of application. Organisations which are registered and operating in Hong Kong and organising arts activities are also eligible as applicants. They can be registered societies or limited company. Applications will be processed only if sufficient evidence is provided to prove that the arts project is non-profit making. Proof of official registration must also be submitted. (Please refer to page 4 the basic Council publication of "Information for Project Grant Applicants" which should be read and understood by all applicants)


2. Do I have to complete all the items in the application form? 

Yes. The Council has designed different forms for different types of project to make it easier for applicants to complete this document. Completed application form detailing information of applicants enables the Council and the examiners to process the application efficiently. Besides, it helps you translate your ideas into words, so that the Council can have a better understanding of your organisation abilities and of the project, such as the schedule, venue, personnel and estimated budget etc. It will thus facilitate future assessment. (Please refer to page 5 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


3. When will be the deadline for the Project Grant application? 

There are two application submission periods every year. The closing dates are 30 June and 31 December respectively. If the Project Grant application deadline falls on a Saturday or a public holiday, the closing date for application will be postponed to the next working day. Application submitted in person must be deposited into the collection box at the Council office by 6:30p.m on the closing date for application. Submission by post is accepted if it is postmarked no later than the deadline. (Please refer to page 8 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


4. How long does it take for processing an application? When will the application result be announced? 

For performance projects, the notification of result will normally be made around four months after the application deadline. For publication, exhibition, Film/Media Arts Production, Multi-discipline Project and other activities, the result will normally be announced around five months after the application deadline. (Please refer to page 8 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


5. If my grant application is successful, when should I start the project? 

Generally speaking, a successful applicant can start the project after it has been approved. For example, if you submit a performing arts project grant application in June, the result will normally be announced in October. If the application is successful, the applicant may then start the project. (Please refer to pages 3 and 8 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


6.Can I complete the project before submitting a grant application? Or can I start a project before the result of grant application is announced? 

The Council does not accept a project being completed before the result is announced. All applicants, except for those who have applied for Literary Arts publication project grants, should start their projects after being notified of the result of a successful application. For Literary Arts publication grant application, the applicants should submit a set of complete manuscripts together with the application form, but should commence the production and printing process after the result is announced. (Please refer to page 8 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


7. Can my project receive subsidies from organisations other than the HKADC at the same time? 

Yes. The Council encourages the grantee to actively explore other funding resources. The Council will consider the amount of grant depending on the situation, provided that the total amount of income is less than the estimated amount total project expenditure. (Please refer to page 14 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


8. Can I submit the application form by fax or e-mail? 

No. Applicants must only submit the applications by mail or in person at the Council. (Please refer to page 8 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


9. How does the HKADC define a "non-profit making project"? 

"Non-profit making project" does not mean that the project cannot generate sales income, e.g. box office sales or tuition fees, etc. Project staff can also be offered salary at a reasonable rate. However, the projected income, sponsorship or other sources of support should not exceed its projected expenditure. As such, the non-profit making project can only be realised with Council's support. (Please refer to page 3 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


10. How does the HKADC define an "arts project"? 

An "arts project" normally refers to a dance, drama, literary arts, music, xiqu, visual arts, film or media arts, cultural studies, arts education, art criticism and/or art administration project. Projects such as the publishing of manuals, recipes, textbooks and parent-kid health projects do not fall within the scope of support. (Please refer to page 3 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants" and to the Arts Groups as listed on the Council's website)


11. How much can I seek for the grant application? How does the HKADC come up with the grant amount? 

The Council will come up with the grant amount according to the estimated expenditure and income of the applications as well as the financial resources available. There are different ceilings for different arts projects. The approved amount will not exceed the grant ceilings of different artforms. Please refer to the "Project Grant Assessment Guideline" of the relevant artform for details.


12. What kind of additional information should I provide? 

Please refer to the "Project Grant Assessment Guideline" of the relevant artform. The documents provide you with details about the additional information to be submitted with the application form.


13. Can I submit more than one "Project Grant" application? 

In general, applicants can submit more than one Project Grant application within the same application period. Please note that only one project from the same applicant would be supported during each application period due to resource constraints on the Council's funding. For Literary Arts, each writer can only submit one project or one publication title for each application deadline. If a literary organisation wants to organise two or more projects or publish more than one publication, it may consider applying for Multi-Project Grant. Please visit our website for latest grant information. Please also refer to "Assessment Guidelines" of the relevant artform for details.


14. have submitted a Project Grant application by mail, how do I know if the HKADC has received my application? 

The Council will issue an acknowledgement letter within one month upon receipt of a Project Grant application to notify applicants that the Council has received their applications. (Please refer to page 8 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants".)


15. If my grant application is successful, can I make changes to the project? 

Generally speaking, successful applicants should carry out the activities according to the content as stated in the application form. Prior notification in writing must be made to the Council for approval on material project change(s). The Council may grant or withhold approval at its entire discretion. (Please refer to page 10 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants")


16. What if I could not complete the project and submit the project report by the project due dates? 

Prior notification in writing must be made to the Council for approval on an extension of the Project Due Date or Project Report Due Date. Any approval of such extension shall be entirely at the discretion of the Council.


17. I am a 15-year-old artist and would like to apply for grant, what should I do? 

In general, if the applicant does not reach the age of 18, his/ her guardian can submit the application on his/ her behalf. However, different assessment guidelines apply to different artforms. The Council will only process those applications which meet the eligibility criteria all of which are available on the Council's website.


18. My friend and I have an arts project idea. Can we jointly apply for the grant? 

In general, the Council does not encourage joint application as it involves legal responsibilities. We would suggest one of you applying for the project grant. (Please refer to page 7 of "Information for Project Grant Applicants".)


19. Do I have to book the performance venue before submitting a grant application? 

No. Applicants can fill in the performance details on the application form (dates, time, location, section) for Council's reference. Successful applicants normally must confirm the performance date, time, venue, section and other details before signing the relevant Grant Agreement with the Council.


20. I am a recent arts graduate and have not tried to submit a grant application to the HKADC. Will the chance for success for my application be lower when compared with those submitted by experienced artists? 

You may consider applying for "Grant for Emerging Artists". This grant aims to provide opportunities for emerging artists in presenting and creating artistic works and gain valuable professional experience that will enable them to further their career. You may wish to submit with your application a reference letter from an experienced arts practitioner, or invite an experienced arts practitioner to be your mentor, in support of your application. (Please refer to the "Assessment Guidelines" of relevant artform.)


21. Are the terms and conditions of application and grant of all the different art form disciplines fixed and unchangeable. 

No, the Council reserves the right and discretion to make any changes without prior notice.


22. I am a first time grantee of ADC Project Grant but my project is not completed yet, can I submit a new “Project Grant” application? 

As the HKADC would like to know the outcome of the project for the first time grantee (organization / individual) before considering its next grant application, first time grantee has to complete the subvented project and submit a satisfactory project report before submitting the next Project Grant application. (Please refer to page 4 of the "Information for Project Grant Applicants")



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