Artspiration – 7pm Every Tuesday on ATV Home Channel
Artist profile
Cross-media artist Kearen Pang inspires the audience with her solo stage performances; in return, she gains from the audience the power for further artistic creation
Highlights on arts and culture activities
Diving for Needles presented by
E-Side Dance Company
Who Killed the Elephant, the drama
premiere of the “New Writing
Theatre Festival 2012” presented
by On & On Theatre Workshop
Feature: “Make A Change”
Artists Pak Sheung-chuen and Ching Chin-wai question about the society’s rules and laws.
Tips on arts
Chu Pak-him plays the role of Beethoven to unveil the curse of the Symphony No.9 on classical musicians
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  •  7pm every Tuesday on ATV Home Channel; online live broadcast and programme recap are available at RTHK website (
  • Other broadcasting TV channels: HK Broadband Channel 201 (9pm on the same day); TVB Pay Vision Channel 806 (10pm on the same day); i-Cable Live News Channel (11pm on the same day)
  • Programme highlights are available at the ADC’s youtube channel (
  • Programme website: (to be open in early May)

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ArtNews Vol. 18
Large-Scale Media Arts Exhibition "Fleeting Light"
Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition 2014