Artnews Issue 9

As the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) has begun its new term for 2011-13, all members will be meeting the readers in this issue for the first time. They will present their new vision for the ADC’s future, and their hopes for the Hong Kong’s artistic and cultural community.

The new issue features an exclusive interview with the ADC’s new Chairman, Mr Wilfred Wong, who tells us how he will draw on his management experience and vision to promote the development of local arts.

Outside Hong Kong, we have the Chief Executive Officer of The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection, Ms Lynn Yau, a recipient of the Hong Kong Scholarship on the Clore Leadership Programme, to give us a glimpse of her new training experience in the United Kingdom.

In addition, two new columns make their debut in this issue. “The AAiSS Funfair” column reports the latest events and activities of the Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme. Another new column is “Offstage”, in which a particular arts practitioner will be invited to share his or her life and work experiences and encounters with the readers in every issue.

 Artnews Issue 9

 Table of Contents

  • Interview
    Seeking Common and Fertile Ground for the Arts to Blossom
    An Interview with Wilfred Wong, new Chairman of the ADC
  • Feature
    On the Way Forward
    Thoughts from the New Council
    • Sowing Literary Seeds among the Young – ssissue
    • Base Camp for Arts Leaders
      An Interview with Lynn Yau, Clore Leadership Programme Fellow
  • The AAiSS Funfair
    • Activities Highlights
    • The AAiSS Studio
    • Chat Room
    • Upcoming Events
  • Offstage
    Victor Pang of Actors’ Family
  • ADC Express
    • The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2010 Presentation Ceremony
    • Double Surprise of the Venice Biennale in 2011
    • Fresh Wave 2011 in Full Swing
    • Meeting with 1-Year/2-Year Grant Recipients
  • Grant List
  • Appendix: Highlights of ADC Surveys Findings



Artnews Issue 9
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