Artnews Issue 10

The excitement of the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2010 culminated in a prestigious presentation ceremony held in the City Hall Concert Hall on 27 April 2011. This major annual arts event recognized and honoured 28 local artists, arts organisations, schools and business organisations who have outstanding artistic achievements and significant contributions to the development of the arts in Hong Kong.

 Artnews Issue 10

Table of Contents

  • Feature
    Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2010
  • Focus
    • Frog King “Leaps” from HK to Venice
    • Spanning Architecture and Life
    • The Nurturing of Arts Leaders
      Hong Kong Scholarship on the Clore Leadership Programme
  • The AAiSS Funfair
    • Activities Highlights
    • The AAiSS Studio
    • Chat Room
    • Upcoming Event
  • Offstage
    Ong Yong-lock of Unlock Dancing Plaza
  • ADC Express
    • Fresh Wave 2011: Adding Splashes of Excitement
    • Entering a Paradise of New Media Arts



Artnews Issue 10
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