Artnews Issue 12

Organised by the ADC, Fresh Wave 2011 successfully concluded in December last year. The many events in a period of over six months—from local competition to international short film festival, from sharing session by renowned film director to the interaction among young filmmakers from around the world and the Closing Ceremony cum Award Gala—proved a veritable feast of films for young local artists. Besides, the event was also a platform that fostered improvement of standards and propelled development of local films.

 Artnews Issue 12

Table of Contents

  • Feature
    Fresh Wave
    The Power of Young Cinema: Dare to Dream & Create
  • Focus Setting in Motion a New Vision for the Arts
    Isabella Tam, Whitechapel Gallery Internship 2011 Fellow
  • AAiSS Funfair
    • Chatroom
    • AAiSS Studio
    • Upcoming Events
  • Offstage
    Claire Hsu of Asia Art Archive
  • Appendix
    Proactive Projects, One/Two-Year Grant & Project Grant List



Artnews Issue 12
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