Hong Kong Annual Arts Survey 2008/09
The second year project of the Hong Kong Annual Arts Survey collected data on the performing arts programmes (dance, theatre, music and Xiqu) staged in 36 venues under 18 major performing facilities, and the visual arts exhibitions held in 365 different venues between April 2008 and March 2009. Data collection has been extended to film festivals and independent/feature screening events, with a view to provide more comprehensive statistics for the art sector by analyzing the distribution of the programmes, the ticket price, the attendance, the box office records and the presenters/production companies of these programmes/exhibitions.

Both Chinese and English versions of the full report can be downloaded here.

Hong Kong Annual Arts Survey Report 2008/09  (File type: PDF)
Supplementary information: Local films which were screened at film festivals and independent/special screening events in 2008/09  (File type: PDF)