Submission of Application

- Applications must be submitted on or before the deadline


Assessment of Application

- Applications for Project Grants: To be assessed by ADC Members and / or Examiners of related Artform Groups

- Other applications: To be assessed by a panel of adjudicators (including Examiners and / or Members of related Artform Groups)


 Notification of Result

- Written notification of application result is sent in general

- The first installment is released after signing of agreement


 Project Execution

- The ADC arranges Assessor(s) to assess project results


 Project Completion

- Documentation / materials showing completion of the project must be submitted


Submission of Project Report

- For grants under $100,000, Project Report and original receipts must be submitted within 3 months of project completion

- For grants of or above $100,000, Project Report and audited accounts must be submitted within 6 months of project completing

- The final installment will be paid only when the ADC has received a satisfactory Project Report

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