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Grantees’ Activities

Petra Poelzl | The Heaven is High and the Emperor is Far Away

An investigation into performative art practices in Chengdu from 1995 to 2001

In this presentation, curator and researcher Petra Poelzl discusses her field research on the overlooked performance art scene in Chengdu during the 1990s.

According to Poelzl, the China/Avant-Garde Exhibition in 1989 was a turning point for performance art in Mainland China, with a series of notable performances—including ones by Beijing East Village artists who tested the limits of their bodies, and works by other artists in the late 1990s who used animal or human corpses to reflect on their sociopolitical circumstances. Around this time, performance art also started to become a popular form in Chengdu—where practitioners worked closely with the media and the government. The Chengdu artists generated awareness for local social and environmental problems through participatory and socially-engaged actions, providing a counterpoint to their peers in the capital city.

Poelzl begins her investigation into the Chengdu performance art scene with the collaborative art activist event Keepers of the Waters (1995), which was initiated by the New York–based performance artist Betsy Damon. The event had a big influence on the local art scene, and resulted in the formation of the 719 Artist Studio Alliance, who organised performative events and ephemeral group exhibitions in public spaces until the turn of the millennium.

Free and open to the public with registration.

Grantees’ Activities | 2017-11-17

My Dad,My Mom, My Son and My Daughter

For details, please refer to the Chinese version.

Grantees’ Activities | 2017-11-14


Adapted from the book “Grand Old Man of Hong Kong: Sir Shouson Chow” by Dr. Victor Zheng and Charles W. Chow.

Incorporating live music and real-time recording, with the contemporarytheatrical language, Theatre Ronin illustrates the legendary life of the veryfirst Chinese member of the Executive Council — Sir Shouson Chow (1861-1959).

1-3/12/2017 (Fri-Sun)

Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall

Grantees’ Activities | 2017-11-6

“The Writing Adventure of Bui Bui” the Musical

Bring your little ones a magical Christmas adventure with Bui Bui in the dancing and singing woods! PopTheatre presents a highly acclaimed “The Writing Adventure with Bui Bui” with live music in December! Bui Bui, who excels in drawing but hates reading and writing, is trapped in the Kingdom of the Dark Knight, who demands Bui Bui to write an essay to his satisfaction. Could Bui Bui make use of her creativity and imagination to successfully solve writing puzzles in exchange for her trip home?

Grantees’ Activities | 2017-10-11

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