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Grantees’ Activities

(Chinese only) 「葛量洪視覺藝術獎2018/2019」覆審入選作品展

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Grantees’ Activities | 2019-9-11

TEFO x Chris Cooper: The Art of Facilitation

The role of the facilitator is one of the most challenging in the field of participatory educational theatre and drama. The facilitator acts like a bridge between the world of the fiction and the world of ourselves. The facilitator is teacher, co-learner, guide and playwright to dramatic experience in order to enable participants to make meaning. This praxis-based three-day workshop will explore the art of bridging and moving between these two worlds.

Grantees’ Activities | 2019-8-27

TEFO Symposium 2019: The Art of Facilitation

TEFO will be inviting two overseas applied theatre practitioners, as well as local Hong Kong practitioners to engage in generative discourse about the artistry behind facilitation practices in applied theatre. We will be hosting keynote lectures, small group discussions, and workshops that are welcome to both professionals and the general public to participate in, curating a day that will equip all participants with an invaluable store of experience for their respective facilitation practice.

Grantees’ Activities | 2019-8-23

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