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Grantees’ Activities

Bling Imagine – be YOURSELF Non-verbal Children Interactive Show (Performing Arts x Music x Technolog

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

27.1 2:15pm / 4:30pm / 7:30pm | 28.1 2:15pm / 4:30pm

It is a journey about three little kids who are learning growing up. They struggle with different challenges, exploring their growing bodies, voices and minds. Though they have different characters, one loves nature, one obsesses electronic toys and one likes both, they all together start an adventure of imagination. They learnt how to respect each other when having conflicts every time.

Those conflicts are full of laughter and tears. They also share all the ups and downs. Though they are not sure how their futures are, they will be honest to be themselves and walk through their lives bravely. Together interacting with the audience, it would be an amazing experience!

Buy now! Urbtix: http://www.urbtix.hk/internet/eventDetail/34232

For more details: www.jamislandtheatre.com
Facbook: www.facebook.com/jamislandtheatre

Non-verbal children performance lasts for approximately 1 hour, suitable for any ages

Production Team

Production Team

Creative Director Teresa Wong
Director Michelle Ma
Actress Zoe Chan
Huang Yun Ju
Long Hin
Associate Director Kit Wong
Production Manager Kristopher Chan
Live Musician LC Fung
Wong Yat Fung
Set and Costume Designer Yue Fung Kit
Lighting Designer Zooey Li
Sound Designer Hin Lo
Projection Designer Lora Benedicto
Singing Coach Joanna Leung
Graphic Designer Ng Yat Hei
Drawing Caspar Yiu
Stage Manager Ng Tsz Ling

Grantees’ Activities | 2017-12-11

Viewing 4.48

A rendition of 4.48 psychosis
by Sarah Kane

To love…
To hate…
To crave…
To reveal…
To hold on tight…
and to finally…let go

Viewing 4.48 is a theatrical journey into the world of Sarah Kane and her blistering final play 4.48 Psychosis.”

Performed in English with Cantonese Simultaneous Interpretation*
No latecomers will be admitted. Audience is advised to arrive punctually.
This performance contains coarse languages

*Limited quota for the Cantonese S.I. on a first-come-first-served basis

Acknowledgement: Leisure and Cultural Services Department”

Grantees’ Activities | 2017-12-8

It Begins with A Story: Three Exhibitions

Asia Art Archive hosts three exhibitions that explore art periodicals in Asia as tools for criticism, historical research, travel writing, and fiction:

Li Xianting’s Contribution to Art Journals in China (1978–2001)

Somewhere Along the Line
Karthik K. G. in collaboration with Sneha Ragavan

Fantasy of a Dialogue
Nicole Yuen Lai with work by Au Sow-Yee

Conceived by AAA team members, these presentations are part of the public programmes leading up the symposium organised by Asia Art Archive in collaboration with The University of Hong Kong, 11–13 January 2018.

Grantees’ Activities | 2017-11-22

“The Writing Adventure of Bui Bui” the Musical

Bring your little ones a magical Christmas adventure with Bui Bui in the dancing and singing woods! PopTheatre presents a highly acclaimed “The Writing Adventure with Bui Bui” with live music in December! Bui Bui, who excels in drawing but hates reading and writing, is trapped in the Kingdom of the Dark Knight, who demands Bui Bui to write an essay to his satisfaction. Could Bui Bui make use of her creativity and imagination to successfully solve writing puzzles in exchange for her trip home?

Grantees’ Activities | 2017-10-11

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