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Hong Kong.Shenzhen Creative Arts Festival

Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), the Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration (CSTA) of Shenzhen Municipality, and the Shenzhen “City of Design” Promotion Office, the Opening Ceremony of the Hong Kong.Shenzhen Creative Arts Festival was held tonight (22 July) at the Hong Kong City Hall.

The Festival is a significant cultural exchange event of both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, endeavouring to provide a platform for the artists of both cities to collaborate and be creatively inspired, and thus exploring the possibility for exchanges and cooperation in the future. Following the success of the Shenzhen.Hong Kong Creative Arts Festival in 2012, this year’s Creative Arts Festival will see nearly 500 artists from Hong Kong and Shenzhen presenting eight handpicked programmes. These programmes span various art forms, from traditional to modern, visual to performing arts, and images to sounds, with the intent to present these artistic delights to Hong Kong audience.

The Opening Ceremony was officiated by Mr Tsang Tak-sing, Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Huang Guoqiang, General Office of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, Dr Wilfred Wong, Chairman of the HKADC and Mr Zhang Heyun, Director General of CSTA of Shenzhen Municipality. Also joining this important occasion were Mr Liu Hanqi, Deputy Director General of Department of Publicity, Cultural and Sports Affairs, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in HKSAR, Ms Lina Yan, Vice-Chairman of the HKADC, Mr Han Wangxi, Director of Shenzhen “City of Design” Promotion Office, Ms Chai Fengchun, Deputy General Director of CSTA of Shenzhen Municipality and Mr Zhang Jinwen of CSTA of Shenzhen Municipality, as well as representatives from the arts community of both cities.

Talented musicians of both cities have brought an impressive performance in the opening programme of the Festival, Hong Kong.Shenzhen Night of Symphony v2.0, bringing three beautiful works by contemporary Chinese composers. Led by Lin Daye, winner of the 6th Sir Georg Solti International Conducting Competition, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra played the rare ethnic symphonic suites The Torch Festival. Followed by Tan Dun’s Violin Concerto, The Love, along with world-renowned violinist Yao Jue’s performance, the piece glanced backwards at the different stages of love in life. The highlight of the night is the collaboration of the Orchestra, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Chorus and the Hong Kong Children’s Choir in the performance of Wang Ning’s choral symphony, Ode to Humanism, transforming the Confucian core values into splendid musical pieces.

The Festival will present eight programmes this summer. The first exhibition Ink of Two Cities – Shenzhen & Hong Kong Metropolitan Ink Painting Exhibition was unveiled on 18th July at the Exhibition Gallery of Sha Tin Town Hall, while another exhibition Creative Images – Outstanding Chinese Contemporary Posters Exhibition will kick off on 23th July in the Exhibition Gallery, Level 4, Administration Building of Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Please refer to the below table for the programmes of the Festival.

Hong Kong.Shenzhen Creative Arts Festival 2014 Programmes:

Date Programme Venue Highlight
22nd July Hong Kong.Shenzhen Night of Symphony v2.0 Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall A joint performance byworld-renowned violinist Yao Jue, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Chorus and the Hong Kong Children’s Choir.
30th July Cantonese Opera: Homecoming in the Snowy Night Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall The play has won nine prestigious awards, including the Classical Play Award, the Best Director Award and the Best Actor and Actress in Leading Role Award in the 2nd National Drama Culture Awards.
31st July Cantonese Opera Excerpt Performance Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall Performed by national award winning artists, including Xiaoyi, Tan Lanyan, Hong Kong’s esteemed veteran artists Loong Koon-tin, Wong Chiu-kwan, and rising stars Wang Kit-ching and Tam Wing-lun.
2nd August Pingju: Remonstrance of Yang Sanjie Grand Theatre, Sunbeam Theatre The role of Yang Sanjie is played by Gu Wenyue, the distinguished Pingju artist. Shehas won countless prizes including the highest honour in the 1st Drama Plum Blossom Prize.
3rd August Pingju Excerpt Performance Grand Theatre, Sunbeam Theatre Three pieces selected in the Pingju Excerpt Performance are led by the national first-class performers and winners of the Plum Blossom Award.
12th August Children’s Choir Concert: The Voice of Blooming Flowers Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall Performed by the Shenzhen Senior High School Children’s Choir, which is highly acclaimed as the “National Excellent Choir”.
18th – 28th July Ink of Two Cities - Shenzhen & Hong Kong Metropolitan Ink Painting Exhibition Exhibition Gallery, Sha Tin Town Hall Innovative ink paintings from more than 40 ink painting artists in Shenzhen and Hong Kong such as Dong Xiaoming, Liang Yu, Zhou Ming, Fu Zhongqi, Wucius Wong, Wong Hau-kwei and Wong Chau-tung, featuring city landscapes and urban life, demonstrating the diverse possibilities of ink paintings.
23rd - 30th July Creative Images - Outstanding Chinese Contemporary Posters Exhibition Exhibition Gallery, Level 4, Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre More than 30 posters have been selected to showcase the characteristics and standard of Shenzhen and Hong Kong graphic design. The exhibition will see the works  of Mainland artists including Dong Yi, Jiang Hua, Yu Bingnan and Hong Kong artists Kan Tai-keung, Tommy Li and Freeman Lau, etc.

For programme details and ticketing information of the Hong Kong.Shenzhen Creative Arts Festival 2014, please visit:www.hkszfestival.com

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