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Policy & Research

Issues concerning arts and cultural development are at the heart of our mission. The HKADC is committed to conducting arts community-specific studies and surveys to collect and develop a base of well-collated and analysed data and views about the current status of the local arts scene. With this information the HKADC directly projects to the government the current status and demands of the arts sector and thus facilitates the formulation of the most appropriate measures and policies; at the same time, provides valuable input for the arts industry to facilitate long-term development.

Survey on the Current Status of Industrial Buildings for Arts Activities and Future Demand
The HKADC has been concerned about the impacts on the arts and cultural industry since the “Optimising the Use of Private Industrial Buildings” measures implemented by the government. Hence, we launched the “Survey on the Current Status of Industrial Buildings for Arts Activities and Future Demand”, so as to examine the status and difficulties of the occupants while housing in industrial buildings.

The survey was divided into two phases. Phase I involved the collection of background information from arts practitioners, organisations or groups who were tenants of industrial buildings in Hong Kong. As the second phase of the project, a telephone survey was conducted on commission by the HKADC in which arts practitioners and groups using industrial and non-industrial buildings were surveyed. The survey report has been completed and submitted to the relevant government departments for reference. Members of the general public may download the Report together with recommendations from the HKADC’s website.

Hong Kong Annual Arts Survey
To observe the development trends of the local arts community so as to provide reference data for formulating suitable policies and measures, the HKADC carries out the Annual Arts Survey regularly. Data on aspects including arts creation, arts spending and total box office receipts are collected.
Survey on Sponsorship in Arts and Culture
The research project, in the form of a questionnaire survey, aims to understand and examine the situation and the views of the future from local foundations and corporations / businesses in sponsoring arts and cultural activities, and also the appropriate approaches and directions to draw social support for arts and cultural development.
Survey on the Working Status of the Theatre Practitioners
To understand the employment situation of local theatre practitioners, the HKADC initiated the “Survey on the Working Status of the Theatre Practitioners” with the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies. Conducted by the Public Policy Research Centre of Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the questionnaire survey collected and analysed information on practitioners in different theatre-related sectors, including salaries and working hours for various full-time and part-time works.
To explore the development of the local arts scene and provide important source materials for the study of Hong Kong’s art history, the HKADC works with different professional and academic groups to compile and publish a series of yearbooks annually. The idea is to organise and preserve the achievements of local arts development, as well as to reflect the activities of the local arts community in different areas.

Click here to view or download past research and reports conducted by the HKADC.

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