Annual Arts Survey Result Dashboard – 2017/18 Film Arts

Fewer programmes were held for Film Festivals**, slipped 21% to 672 in 2017/18*.  Both paid and free screenings recorded a drop, by 12% and 38% respectively resulting a drop of 15% in total number of screenings, to 1,229.  Its box income decreased by 9% to HKD7.9 million.

Meanwhile more Featured/ Individual Screenings were observed, with number of programmes reached a record high of 967 programmes, an increase of 23% from previous year.  Though its attendance grew by 27% to 168,250, it did not generate a growth in box office income record, offset by the drop in Live Screenings income.  Its box income of HKD7.1 million remained the same as last year.

In 2017/18*, a total of 1,639 programmes were held for Film Festivals and Featured/ Individual Screenings and remained steady.  Number of both paid and free screenings climbed up resulting in 12% growth (to 3,143) in total, reaching 319,500 in attendance.

Yet box office income dropped 5% to HKD15 million, which could be explained by significant increase in free screenings (an increase of 33% from the previous year, to 664 screenings) along with the fall of high-priced Live Screenings (from 233 to 166).

Below is an interactive dashboard of the Film Arts statistics.  Readers can click on the interested category / year in one of the charts and the entire dashboard will be refreshed to highlight the respective category / year.

*The number of programmes in 2017/18 refers to the programmes held during the financial year from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.

**The duration of the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) spans across two financial years.  Data from the 40th HKIFF were counted in 2016/17, data from the 41st HKIFF were counted in 2017/18, and so on.