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Invitation of 2017 K-Musical Road Show

Korea Arts Management Service presents the <2017 K-Musical Road Show> in Hong Kong. Last year, the Road show was held in Shanghai for the first time and it made better understand each other’s musical market.

Other Arts News | 2017-11-13

Survey on Employment Mobility for Creative Industries-related Programmes Graduates in Hong Kong–Invitation to fill in questionnaire

Launched by CreateHK, the Survey on “Employment Mobility for Creative Industries-related Programmes Graduates in Hong Kong” aims to examine the employment mobility of graduates of relevant local programmes, the role of continuous education programmes in their career ladders and their future plan for changing job. Graduates of relevant local programmes are invited to fill in an online questionnaire. DEADLINE: 30 November 2017. Please visit: http://www.createhk.gov.hk/mobility/index.php

Other Arts News | 2017-11-6

Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme

The Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme implemented by the Advisory Committee on Arts Development aims to strengthen the cultural software and build the capacity of the arts sector of Hong Kong.

Other Arts News | 2017-11-1

Business of Design Week 2017

Business of Design Week (BODW) features a star-studded line-up of speakers to help spark the next great creative business idea.Italy is the partner country for BODW 2017. Guided by the curatorial theme of ITALY Makes a Difference, BODW 2017 will serve as a platform for meaningful design dialogue between Italy and Hong Kong to offer a new perspective towards design-driven innovation.

Other Arts News | 2017-11-1

(Chinese only) 她和他的時間之流

For details, please refer to the Chinese version.

Other Arts News | 2017-10-24

Crossing Border | Border Crossing - International Festival of Intermedia

「Crossing Border ︳Border Crossing - International Festival of Intermedia」is an International Festival of Multimedia to be taken…

Other Arts News | 2017-10-6

Grantees’ Activities

The latest activities presented by our 1-year / 2-year / 3-year grantees, project grantees and literary arts magazines.

Other Arts News | 2015-9-1

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