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Regular Grant Reform

To streamline and reduce applicants’ workload in making grant application, Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) will launch a grant reform in four phases from 16 February 2016 to the mid 2017 in a progressive manner. This includes an expansion of the scope of “Project Grant”, the combination of “One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grant” and “Multi-Project Grant”, four rounds of applications of Cultural Exchange Grant and the introduction of new arrangements of the Venue Subsidy Scheme. The reform will span two years and allow sufficient time for the sector to understand and to adapt to the various reformed grant schemes.

1. Expansion of the scope of “Project Grant”
With effect from 16 February 2016, the maximum grant for each approved “Project Grant” application will be increased to $500,000 for supporting local arts activities organised by individuals or non-One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grantees. Application is open twice a year with deadlines at the end of June and December. In the transitional year of 2016 when the new arrangements are replacing the old ones, the “One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grant” grantees may apply for “Project Grant” before the end of June, in lieu of the previous “Multi-Project Grant” of which the deadline is in August.

2. Combination of “One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grant” and “Multi-Project Grant”
Starting from 2017, arts groups and organisations applying for “One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grant” may submit the “Programme Grant” at the same time. The portion of “Programme Grant” in the application of the “One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grant” will be assessed together with all applications for the “Project Grant” which the deadline is 3 January 2017. Successful applicant organisations are only required to submit an integrated yearly auditor’s report covering the company administration and arts activities.

3. Four rounds of applications of Cultural Exchange Grant
Currently, grant applications for cultural exchange are required to be submitted at least three months before the departure date. To enhance processing effectiveness, four application periods in a year are proposed with the closing dates at end of March, end of June, end of September and end of December. The maximum grant for each approved application is $500,000. “One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grantees” may include outbound exchange proposals in their “Programme Grant” portion when submitting the “One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grant” application. For exchange project proposals that come late, they can still apply for the following rounds of applications of Cultural Exchange Grant and compete with other applicants.

4. New arrangements on Venue Subsidy Scheme
Venue Subsidy Scheme covers arts and rehearsal venues including venues for performances, exhibitions, activities and rehearsals in Hong Kong. The venues proposed to be hired should be lawfully capable for supporting public performances/ exhibitions or other arts activities open to the public. Applicants are required to submit a Project Grant application and may include the part on activity grant. If the Project Grant application is approved, the portion on Venue Subsidy will also be approved without having to be processed separately. The approved amount is subject to the availability of funding. The maximum level of grant for venue rental for public activity(ies) is $80,000 whereas that for rehearsal venue is $10,000.

The afore-mentioned reform will be launched starting from 16 February 2016. It is expected that the mode of one “One-Year/ Two-Year/ Three-Year Grant” application, two “Project Grant” applications and four “Cultural Exchange Grant” applications each year will be more convenient to arts organisations and arts practitioners. Interested parties can obtain application guidelines and forms from the HKADC Administration Office at 14/F, East Warwick House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Hong Kong during office hours, or download them from the HKADC’s website www.hkadc.org.hk.

# Please take note that the closing time for the submission of proposals to HKADC will be changed to 6pm on the closing day. Any question regarding the various items of reform, please contact our staff by calling the reform enquiry hotline at 2820 1057.

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